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  • Designed in Berlin, Germany
  • Female Founded
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Stylish, protective, and eco-Friendly

The Fashion Statement with no compromises

Impact Protection

A shell of strong, flexible, and recycled TPU polymer helps keep your phone safe from accidental drops or bumps

Strong eyelets

The attachment point for our Lanyards are extremely sturdy and will not let you down

Recycled TPU

We use a TPU polymer material for its incredible strength and flexibility. It can be recycled without losing quality, allowing us to reduce the environmental impact of our products

How do we stack up?

Besides the gorgeous design, here's some of the key advantages of choosing XOUXOU

Strong Eyelets
ÖKOTEX Certified
Metal Hardware
Recycled TPU
Modular Accessories
Frequently Asked Questions

A Phone Necklace is a phone case with strap, allowing you to carry your phone as you would a cross-body bag or necklace. It's not just a useful accessory, it's also a statement - a synergy of functionality and fashion. Our carefully curated colour palette of phone cases and straps will always give you the perfect style match with your outfit. Wide lanyard or soft rope, combine and customize your favourite phone case with strap out of 25 colours.

We offer 30 days free return for unused items, and a warranty against defects for 1-2 years according to EU regulations.

From our EU warehouse just outside Berlin, Germany, we deliver to all EU member states (except for peripheral and island regions) and to the EEA and UK.

XOUXOU was born in 2016. It was the product of a personal need — the annoyance that comes from being dependent on your devices: constantly attached to a phone figuratively, but not physically. Dropped, forgotten, cracked, completely misplaced — we know you know what we’re talking about. It all started with a strap that transformed a phone case into a Phone Necklace — and provided the simple, effective and now essential answer to staying connected, hassle- and hands-free.

Our headquarters are where XOUXOU was founded - in Berlin, Germany. Additionally, we employ a diverse range of talent across the globe to help us offer you the best possible products and service.

XOUXOU was founded by Yara Jentsch Dib in 2016, and is co-owned by her and Richard Kirschstein under the company Keep Moving GmbH.

VAT ID: DE337854045
Commercial Registry: HRB 147195 B
Registered at: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg

Please submit a request here (link) and our customer service will be happy to help.