Together with cult London streetwear label Aries, XOUXOU brings you a serpentine phone case that’s sure to make a statement.

Both Aries and XOUXOU are female-led brands founded with a shared ethos: to provide elevated, stylish, and non-gendered design which connects with the experience of everyday life. 

Italian-born, UK-based designer Sofia Prantera—also the brains behind streetwear brand Silas—founded Aries in 2010, inspired by ’80s and ’90s skate and rave subculture. Over the last decade, Aries has garnered a cult following both in and outside London, and its classically-columned temple logo has found itself firmly embedded in streetwear’s iconography.

Our limited edition capsule collection consists of a statement snake-print phone case, stamped with co-branded Aries x XOUXOU insignia, and can be styled as a pocket chain, necklace, bracelet or even a bag—and paired with our limited edition scarf.

The 100% silk bandana brings the inspiration behind the collaboration to life, incorporating Aries' iconic Ancient Greek symbolism with mythical black magic motifs, and can be worn as an alternative phone strap, headscarf or hair tie.