About Us

XOUXOU began as a creative macramé project in 2015. It was a grim Berlin winter and company founder Yara Jentzsch Dib was pregnant with her first child. Handcrafts were a welcome distraction, making fabric pieces and wall hangings grow alongside her belly. One of the first XOUXOU pieces was an intricately knotted crib for her first born son Pan. A life-long passion for interior, crafts and design made Yara experiment with different kinds of ropes and knotting techniques. Her curiosity in the material, paired with the sudden problem of literally having both hands full with a newborn baby, led to the creation of the XOUXOU smartphone necklace.

Wanting to find a way to enjoy motherhood to the fullest while being able to work at the same time, organizational skills and streamlining daily routines became a priority. Juggling parenting schedules, capturing special moments of their son growing up on camera, whilst also running a thriving small business from home - Yara´s smartphone became an important tool and everyday ally.

Rummaging through her bag to find the phone, or losing it at the playground was simply not an option anymore. After putting together an early prototype of a smartphone necklace and getting asked where one could buy it on the daily, Yara decided to add it to her Macramé online shop - the rest is history.

As her own family was expanding and the interest in the product grew bigger and bigger, Yara decided to widen her product range, constantly adding new colors and styles of smartphone necklaces to her online store. With the birth of their second son her partner Richard came on board to help run the company and XOUXOU quickly developed into a thriving family business.

What started with handmade products from Berlin is now a thriving and internationally acclaimed fashion tech brand. In December 2018 the 100000th smartphone necklace was sold and there is no decrease in demand. In addition to always improving and developing their product range, XOUXOU will focus on expanding into other markets and fashioning products that allow for more freedom and flexibility - helping you to keep your hands free!