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Taupe Wallet with MagSafe

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With or without MagSafe?

What is MagSafe?

It's a ring of magnets that allows for fast wireless charging and all iPhone 14 (also 12 & 13) have it. But MagSafe is not limited to just charging technology, it's also used to connect to magnetic accessories - like our Wallet.

All XOUXOU Phone Cases with MagSafe support wireless charging, but please remove your magnetic wallet before wireless charging to avoid potential overheating.

No MagSafe? Get our Adhesive Adapter

If your phone or phone case does not support MagSafe we have a quick fix for you. Our Adhesive MagSafe Adapter allows you to use our magnetic wallet with ease.


A Taupe brown card wallet with a soft-touch smooth plastic shell and magnetic back-panel for use with MagSafe iPhone cases. Features a thumb-sized window on the back panel to easily slide cards in and out. Holds two standard-sized credit cards.
Compatible with iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series on the back of the phone; all Phone Necklaces and Cases with MagSafe; and any case with our Adhesive MagSafe Adapter as an add-on.

Do you have a phone case or necklace without MagSafe?

Now you can use magnetic accessories like our Wallet with MagSafe with your regular phone case with our add-on Adhesive MagSafe Adapter. Check it out

Keep your cards connected

Wherever you go, have your cards magnetically bound to your MagSafe Phone Case or Phone Necklace.

Always with you, always safe

Our superior strength magnet, side opening, and a specially designed spring keep your cards in place, connected to your phone necklace at all times. 

Sleek, Soft, Streamlined

No matter which colour you choose, it works well with our signature colour palette of Phone Cases and Necklaces.

MagSafe magic for any case

Simply stick our Adhesive MagSafe Adapter to your case and add a magnetic wallet on top, in a snap.