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Sage Silicone X

Sage Silicone X

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A sage green smartphone case made from strong, stretchy silicone. Wear it with a XOUXOU Modular Lanyard or Carabiner Rope to keep your hands free and your phone close.

Stretch your limits

The new Silicone X is a strong, flexible case able to fit any current smartphone. Stretch it around the four corners of your device, then clip on any XOUXOU Modular Lanyard or Carabiner Rope to wear it as a necklace or cross-body case.

Feel Unbounded

The new Silicone X comes in an array of playful colours. Get creative with a kaleidoscope of combinations from our modular system to find your unique look. 

Case Features

- Flexible enough to stretch over any current smartphone
- Silky smooth surface
- Easy to clean, quick to dry
- Lightweight yet strong

Care & safety

We don’t guarantee the integrity of your smartphone, so treat it with care. Scratches may occur from particles that can get inside the case, so we recommend cleaning your strap and case with a dry cotton cloth. We know that our products are loved by (small) children as well, but please be careful, as our product consists of small parts. Depending on the model or version, the illustrations may differ from the real product.