Unisex Ultrawide Lanyard In Burgundy Detailview Xouxou 2C675C2C 6Bed 4855 80Fd C69588Bcf900 | XOUXOU
Designer Ultrawide Lanyard In Burgundy Totalview Xouxou | XOUXOU

XX Burgundy Ultrawide Lanyard

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A flat XX Burgundy 40mm-wide shoulder strap with Burgundy adjustable clasps and carabiner hooks for use with a XOUXOU bag.

Strap materials
  • Nylon, Zinc-alloy metal parts
  • length: 135 cm
  • width: 40 mm

Please note: We don’t guarantee the integrity of your smartphone, so treat it with care. Scratches may occur from particles that can get inside the case, so we recommend cleaning your strap and case with a dry cotton cloth. We know that our products are loved by (small) children as well, but please be careful, as our product consists of small parts. Depending on the model or version, the illustrations may differ from the actual product.