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By combining the worlds of fashion and technology, XOUXOU provides functional solutions for mobile devices and everyday carries to meet the demands of fashionable creatives.


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Sand Brown Phone Case With Strap Lanyard Closeup | XOUXOU #strap type_lanyardSand Brown Phone Case With Strap Lanyard Total | XOUXOU #strap type_lanyard
Sand Phone Necklace
Sale pricefrom € 40,80 Regular price€ 68,00
Mix & Match iPhone Clear Case with Sand Beige lanyard Necklace | XOUXOU #strap type_lanyardMix & Match transparent iPhone 14 Case with Sand Beige lanyard Necklace | XOUXOU #strap type_lanyard
Clear + Sand Phone Necklace
Sale pricefrom € 68,00
Sand Brown Phone Case With Eyelets Total | XOUXOU
Sand Phone Case with eyelets
Sale pricefrom € 25,20 Regular price€ 42,00


Who hasn't experienced it, the phone is ringing and you hastily search in your pocket? With the phone necklace for Apple iPhone, we have developed the perfect solution for you. Your phone is always at hand and your search is over.

Our phone case with strap is not just a useful accessory, it's also a fashion statement - a synergy of functionality and fashion. Our carefully curated colour palette of phone cases and straps will always give you the perfect style match with your outfit. Wide lanyard or soft rope, combine and customize your favourite phone case with strap out of 25 colours.

With the original phone necklace from XOUXOU, your iPhone is well protected. Fashionably worn crossbody, you can't lose or forget it. It's comfortable and with a quick flick of the wrist you're ready for that unique photo or message from your loved ones.

Our phone cases are made of durable TPU material, have MagSafe integrated and fit Apple iPhone 14 series as well as iPhone 13 series and all previous iPhone models.