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Womens Day 8th March

Ok ladies now let's get in formation to celebrate womenhood - It’s not a coincidence that XOUXOU carries female DNA in the name. With over 70 percent of the team being female, the X chromosome calls for special attention on International Women's Day. Join our #FutureIsYou campaign to support women in their fight for equality and social justice. Each modular set purchased with the CAREYOU code, will provide 10euros off and additionally 5euros will be donated to CARE, a women empowerment organization fighting discrimination against women around the world by helping them understand their rights and strengthening their voices. #FutureIsYou  Cheers to March 8th, which has a new meaning for many of us because it’s associated with female empowerment and...

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Introducing the Modular Campaign

  Written & Directed by KATHARINA HINGSTa WOLFFPACK VISION ProductionClient: xouxou Head of Production: DOMINIK MANIKOWSKIProduction Manager: MARTIN PRIESTERJAHNProduction Coordinator: JAN SCHRÖDERProduction Assistant: ANIKA EMMERICH DOP: TONY KOPECSteady Cam Op: LORENZ ACKERMANN1st AC: FRANZ DEUTSCHMANN2nd AC: FINN WEIGTStills: JOHANNA BERGHORN Original Music / Composer: TELONIO Editor: FELIX SCHEKAUSKI 1st AD: PAULA RIEMANN Art Direction: EUGENIO PERAZZOArt Department Assistant: STÈFAN JENTZSCH Styling: LILO KLINKENBERGH&M: JULIANE POLAK Gaffer: AXEL RENNERElectrician: AXEL "NEFFE" SCHREPPEElectrician: FLORIAN PETERSElectrician: PHILIPP FECHTNER Grip: DUSTIN JOHN Animals provided by EKKIFANT Catering: ADRIAN BECKERS & RICHARD KIRCHSTEIN (BEUSTER BAR BERLIN) Child Care / Chaperone: JULIA HINTZE Colour Grading: ARRI MITTEColourist: JOHANNES RÖCKL Cast:Oumi JantaYara Jentzsch DibMicki Rosi RichterMargot LibangaEva VuilleminGreta SchröderMiriam KnobbeStefan JentzschHedda Oledzki (via DEEBEE PHUNKY)

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